Diving Helmets For Sale

Diving Helmets For Sale

If you are looking for diving helmets for sale then diving-helmet.com can help.

We offer diving helmets for sale that are ready to dive with. They are quality, brand new, genuine working diving helmets that have been built to an age-old design. We can also help you put together all the other necessary heavy gear so you and your dive buddies can enjoy your own "working equipment group" (or WEG as they are commonly known).

We also offer antique diving helmets for sale from all the renowned manufacturers, including Siebe Gorman, Heinke, Drager, Galeazzi, Morse, Desco, Schrader, Miller Dunn, John Date, Toa, Yokohama and many more. To the best of our knowledge these are all authentic antique diving helmets and not reproductions. We do not deal in fake diving helmets.

If you have an antique diving helmet for sale then we would love to hear from you. We are happy to promote your diving helmet for sale on our website, as well as offering it to all the historic diving enthusiasts on our mailing list. There is no cost to you in doing this. Just use the contact us form on this website to email us detail of your helmet.

The other place you can find diving helmets for sale is ebay.com. Just search on "diving helmets" to find the current listings there. Be warned that there are many fraudsters who target this category. Often they will provide their email address suggesting it best to deal direct and somehow they have 40 something positive feedbacks. Amongst all the rubbish on eBay you can find genuine diving helmets for sale from serious collectors, deceased estates and ex Navy divers. If you are in any doubt about a particular listing then you can email us and we will give you our thoughts.

If you are looking for diving helmets for sale that are for display purposes only and you don't want to spend too much money then it is easy to find many replica diving helmets for sale. Diving-Helmet.com does not deal in fake dive helmets. The easiest place to buy reproduction diving helmets is eBay.com (just search on "diving helmets"), where you will find many available for sale.

We are grateful for your interest in historical diving and are happy to help where we can, so don't hesitate to contact us.